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Gopher Pest Control With Smoke

Over the last few decades, rodent smoke bombs have gained popularity. Though effective in very specific instances- for example, in small, simple tunnel systems- gopher smoke bombs are expensive, wasteful and very often many are needed to make a kill.

Sometimes called, “gopher bombs,” pest control smoke bombs are simply a cartridge made up of ingredients such as sodium or potassium nitrate, sulfur, carbon and other ingredients. Upon the fuse being ignited, toxic sulfur oxides are produced, suffocating pests in their burrows. They come in packs of four or six and are readily available at local stores. But for anyone with a sizable property, gopher bombs are simply not enough.

Gopher X Carbon Monoxide Sprayer is safer than pest control smoke bombs because there is no risk of fire, and there is no cartridge left behind for pets and small children to play with. Gopher smoke bombs often fail to burn completely and, the next day, are spit back up onto the ground by the very moles you sought to kill. Rodent smoke bombs can’t be used under or inside structures, close to tree roots, and certainly nowhere near anything that is grown to be edible.

Most property rodents have a wide network of tunnels and burrows; a package of gopher bombs, or even a few packages, just will not suffice.

Find your solution in the Gopher X Carbon Monoxide Sprayer. It is fast, powerful and easy. Rodent smoke bombs have nothing on the powerful carbon monoxide gas that is released into the tunnels in a well-controlled manner. The visible smoke of the Gopher X Carbon Monoxide Sprayer allows the operator to quickly see where gas may be escaping from burrows and then cover the leak with soil.

Have a look at the rodent extermination products that we offer. We’re certain you’ll never need to purchase a pest control smoke bomb again.