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Customer Testimonials About Gopher Control Using Gopher X

After failed attempts at gopher control- propane, smoke bombs and otherwise- our customers are impressed by the time-saving, environmentally-friendly, and highly effective work of the Gopher X Extermination Device. Whether you are facing 2 gopher mounds or 200 mounds, the patented Gopher X process is economical, easy to use and, as you can read below, it always leaves a happy customer.

Time after time, our customers thank us for the fast, effective and easy-to-use Gopher X. Whether it be for use on a farm, in a lawn care or landscaping company, in a garden or back yard, owners of the Gopher X are always impressed by the safe and powerful results which it offers.

Sadly, many people come to us after trying- and wasting a lot of time and money on- other options. Effectiveness is paramount when dealing with a pest problem. One treatment is rarely enough. If what you’re doing is working, then subsequent treatments should become less and less frequent. This is just not the case with most other methods of rodent and gopher control (propane, smoke bombs, poisons).

We have engineered the Gopher X Extermination Device to be safer than other extermination products, while maintaining effectiveness. Owning one makes subsequent treatments quick and easy. No need to call anyone; fast and simple gopher control lies in your hands.

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The Gopher X is the safe, easy, eco-friendly, time-saving solution we needed to exterminate gophers, ground squirrels, and other ground dwelling rodents on the 2.3 acre property we just bought. Nothing we had tried seemed to be effective. Traps were incredibly time consuming, frustrating, and overall didn’t seem to make a dent. Smoke bombs may have worked but there was no way to tell and our local hardware store did not stock nearly as many as we would have needed. The thought of the propane torches looked cool (really cool), but in no way were they safe for anywhere near a home or any sort of building. And poisons seemed to be a little dangerous to have around the family and our pets, not to mention the owls and other wildlife I did not want to kill.

The first complete treatment of our property with the Gopher X was incredibly effective at exterminating rodents. With just a couple quarts of the smoke oil I hit about 100 gopher and ground squirrel holes. In the area that I treated, 2 weeks later there were only 3 new gopher mounds that needed to be treated. In the matter of an afternoon, I rid myself of the rodent problem and now have a great tool that will allow me to stay on top of the problem. I could not be happier.

Also when we bought this property it was important to the whole family that we eventually grow a vegetable garden. The oils the Gopher X uses are all natural and even though we’re burning them I feel much better about using it then I do about using poisons which typically contain cyanide, or the smoke bombs which are full of chemicals. Now, in a few months we’ll have the vegetable garden that I was not so sure about building before buying the Gopher X.

Peter K.

Alpine, CA

I had gopher issues to the point of not wanting to spend a lot of money to plant a nice yard due to gophers ruining it. Most of the yards in my area are ravaged by gophers. The yards look like Swiss cheese. I bought and tried poison and traps and a couple times got off a couple shots with my pellet gun with no luck. A friend brought over a machine and smoked the gophers. It took a few times and the gophers were gone for like 6 months.

I know, because the area is littered with gophers, that this will be ongoing, but now I have something to stop them from killing my new yard. Yes! I bought one of these machines because they work when nothing else did. Thanks.

John B.

El Cajon, CA

I purchased a gopher exterminator machine and have been very happy with the results. I never had any luck with traps and had mixed results with a probe and poison pellets. The gopher has to return to the spot where you drop the pellet but the smoke & carbon monoxide fills the tunnel and gets the gopher wherever he is. The smoke produced by the oil in the exhaust chamber enables you to see how extensive the tunnel system is. Finally the machine is very easy to use and I highly recommend it.

Phil B.

San Diego County, CA

I bought a 1.7 acre piece of property with at least 100 gopher mounds on it. I tried baiting them without much success. At the same time, I was getting very sick of the unsightly mess all around me. As such, I started looking for a better way to exterminate these pests. Luckily I found the Gopher X on line. Immediately I began using this new system to get rid of my problem and after about a month, I was free from these varmints. I still get gophers and moles that come from my neighbors from time to time, but this problem can be settled quite easily with another application of carbon monoxide and smoke. I highly recommend this system for the extermination of burrowing pests.

Daniel O.

Walla Walla, WA

I have been using the Gopher X machine for over 2 years and am very pleased with the results. It not only works good for gophers but ground squirrels as well. On my property, the ground squirrels are my biggest problem as they are very destructive. I am using a longer hose to reach deeper into the squirrel holes but it works just as well for the gophers. I mount the machine on my 4 wheeler for convenience. I would recommend this product to anyone who has either gopher or ground squirrel problems. Thanks for creating a great product.

J. Reid

Woodlake, CA