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The Danger Of Using A Propane Gopher Killer

It’s an appealing idea, to make one’s own rodent extermination device. A quick internet search will unearth dozens of DIY videos on how to assemble some version of a propane gopher killer. Killing moles with propane is just as widely-attempted. There’s no question that gas injected directly into the tunnels of burrowing rodents can be an effective gopher or mole killer. Propane, mixed with oxygen, then detonated with an ignition of some source, can remove pests… but not without risk.

A key feature of the Gopher X Carbon Monoxide Sprayer is that it creates a visible smoke, so that any escaping carbon monoxide gas is quickly noticeable, and the leak can quickly be cut off with a cover of soil. Unfortunately, a propane gopher killer cannot make the same claim and, upon ignition, this leaking, unseen propane can mean the difference between safety and serious injury.

Killing moles with propane can also decimate your landscaping. The damage done to the ground above and surrounding target tunnels is often destroyed by many a propane mole killer. The Gopher X Carbon Monoxide Sprayer tunnels are easily and quickly treated, with no cleanup.

The effectiveness of DIY exterminating devices, as well as commercial propane ones, comes with a fair measure of risk. A propane mole killer presents the very real danger of miscalculated and unexpected explosions. Using safety goggles and earplugs is a wise start, but may not protect from fast-moving debris and larger rocks upon explosion when killing moles with propane.

Do-It-Yourselfers also know the investment of time that a device like a propane gopher killer demands- from locating and purchasing supplies, to assemblage, setup and cleanup.

Contact us today, to discover how the Gopher X Carbon Monoxide Sprayer can be the powerful, safe solution that you are seeking for your rodent or pest problem. Protect yourself, protect your property.